Kachingle API Documentation

The Kachingle API Documentation describes how to integrate Kachingle bundling and subscription capabilities with your site or application.

This document is intended for web developers with some knowledge of PHP.

What is Kachingle?

Kachingle is the first and only platform that enables vendors and publishers to bundle their offerings with other providers of premium services and applications in order to maximize revenue opportunities.

Users visiting Kachingle or any application that integrates with Kachingle can subscribe to prebuilt bundles or create custom ones that meet their needs.

Revenues are then distributed to app vendors based on how Kachingle Subscribers (KP Subscribers) consume each application.

Kachingle differs from PayPal and other traditional payment platforms not only in its fixed and virtual bundling capabilities, but also in its ability to efficiently process micro-payments, and permit app vendors to partner with each other on a virtual basis.

How does it work with my site or app?

To fully utilize Kachingle, your site or app must be enabled with the Javascript-based Kachingle Medallion on the client, and integrate with our service on the backend via the PHP API. (Server-side APIs using other programming languages are in the works. Feel free to check with us at developers@kachingle.com.)

The Kachingle Medallion and Javascript API

The Kachingle Medallion is what Subscribers click to activate the premium features of an app, or subscribe to a bundle that contains that app if they are not already subscribed. It's also one means by which non-Subscribers can become Subscribers.

It enables subscription and recurring payment capabilities for your site or application via the Javascript API, and counts visits for Subscribers who have premium features turned on.

The Javascript API's role is to detect the authentication and subscription status of the Subscriber visiting your site, and to monitor for any change via the Kachingle cookie.

Server-side PHP API

The PHP API allows developers to easily integrate their backend code with Kachingle’s data. It works in conjunction with the Javascript API and the Medallion.


App (Kachingle App)
An application, site (or portion of either) integrating with Kachingle to enable subscription, bundling, and virtual partnering capabilities. If your application offers multiple membership levels, and you need to use Kachingle for those levels, you will need to integrate with multiple Kachingle Medallions.

App ID
The application identifier used to interact with the API or to display the Kachingle Medallion. Your App ID will be the same as your Medallion ID.

A bundle is a group of premium apps to which a user can subscribe. A bundle may be predefined by providers of premium apps or custom built by a user. We call the latter "virtual bundling."

The user interface widget that allows user to subscribe to a premium service, or a Subscriber to activate premium features. A medallion is basically a “Sign Up” button for a Kachingle app.

The act of using the premium features of an app through Kachingle. A user subscribed a Bundle may choose which applications within that Bundle to kachingle.

A user with a Kachingle account, but who is not necessarily subscribed to a Bundle containing your app.

A Kachingler who is subscribed to a Bundle containing your app, although not necessarily kachingling your app. (Subscribers can turn kachingling on or off for any given App, within certain parameters.)

A person using your site, or interacting with Kachingle capabilities but not signed up as a Subscriber. A user may be logged in or logged out. A user may or may not be a Subscriber. Read more about the various authentication and subscription statuses.

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