Development Process

Kachingle offers a sandbox for development and testing of your integration before creating a live Medallion for integration with the production server.

Important: Once you've developed and tested your code in the sandbox, you will need to request a separate App ID for production, and make sure you use this new App ID in your live code.

It is highly recommended you make the App ID a configuration variable in your Javascript and PHP code so the transition happens smoothly.

API Endpoints


Getting Started With The Sandbox

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a Medallion within that account from the My Kachingle > My Medallions page
    • In the creation page, you will find your Medallion/App ID in the URL (id=), and your App Secret at the top of the right column
    • You can get back to this page any time by clicking the "Manage" button in My Kachingle > My Medallions
  3. Contact Kachingle to let us know you've created a Medallion, and to have your App added to a Bundle or two in the sandbox
    • We'll reply with Bundle IDs and other details
  4. Download the API
  5. Start coding and testing using the sandbox:
    1. Enable your front end with the Kachingle Medallion
    2. Integrate your backend with Kachingle

Moving to Production

Once you're ready to move to production:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Request a Medallion (in the production environment the My Medallions tab only appears once you have a Medallion)
  3. Modify your API calls and configurations on the production version of your App to use the new App ID

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